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Creative Cell designs and constructs mammalian cell lines expressing high levels of foreign proteins, and develops immortalized cell lines that retain essential properties of their tissue of origin.

Our Focus:

For preparative protein synthesis, low-cost bacterial fermentation is an option for relatively simple proteins and peptides, whereas most human proteins require post-translational modifications executed by mammalian cells only. Even higher standards apply to analitical protein expression systems, especially those designed for drug testing. Here, the only acceptable choice is a cell line that closely resembles the native tissue of interest, and expresses the corresponding drug target with adequate intensity. Based on a proprietary mutant variant of the membrane transporter protein ABCG2, Creative Cell has developed and optimized a novel selection system for the creation of stable cell lines. In addition, Creative Cell offers the generation of immortal cell lines from primary cells for the purposes of basic research and drug testing.







HEK293 cells engineered to overexpress human ABCG2 transporter

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