Scaffold Testing

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Creative Cell tests scaffold materials for bone tissue engineering, and investigates the effect of surface treatment with proprietary synthetic peptide polymers on scaffold properties.

Scaffold composition and topology influence cell density and shape. MSC-like human foreskin fibroblasts expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) grow on a variety of 3D scaffolds. (A), TIGR™ surgical mesh; (B), titanium mesh; (C), microporous composite scaffold; (D), Bio-Oss® natural bone substitute.

Surface coating with CCK’s synthetic peptide polymer enhances growth of MSCs. MSCs were grown for 20 days on untreated or peptide-coated titanium mesh. (A), untreated mesh, day 1; (B), untreated mesh, day 20; (C), coated mesh, day 1; (D), coated mesh, day 20. (E): Proliferation of MSCs on untreated vs. treated titanium mesh.

Bio-Oss® is a trademark of Geistlich Biomaterials, Switzerland. TIGR™ is a trademark of Novus Scientific, Singapore / Sweden.

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